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To have fulfillment in your career you need to know your value. To create demand for your services you need to engage authentically. To leave a meaningful legacy you need to have vision.

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Since Lara has begun coaching us, I have felt a hope in my practice that has been rather flat for a while. She is empowering me to better understand my passion, my contribution, and my joy in my career.

Thanks Lara! You are the homeopathic to my professional life—reminding me how to do what I already and innately knew how to—God bless!

Clinic Director, WNC  


Lara is the best cheerleader and guide, both in business and in life, I have known! She provides insightful advice, compassionate and objective feedback, and constant dedication to my mission!

Owner, Wellspring Whole Health 


Lara has been the driving force that has skyrocketed my business into the success it is today! Her insight and advice are always spot on, and her ability to know what the next step should be to grow my company is uncanny. She is always positive and motivating and has made me believe that I can achieve my goals. Her faith in her clients and her persistence and follow-up insures that she will not let you down.

Owner Pure Meridian